Realistic LED lighting – Frequently asked questions

1) Can I use my candles outside?

Yes, they are perfectly safe outside, even when there’s a rain shower – perfect for those British BBQs!  However, the candles are not fully IP66 rated. When they are being used outside they should be kept upright and shouldn’t be immersed in water, There is no safety issue, but the electronics may become damaged.  If a candle is returned to us but we see that the electronics are damaged due to being soaked in water, then I’m afraid, it won’t be covered under the warranty.

2) Are the candles made of real wax?

The wax for our candles is made from our own recipe creating a hard durable texture with perfect coloring. The making of the wax and the pouring into the candle moulds are all done in our workshops in Devon. We currently just make the popular ivory/cream colour but are considering making other colours in the future.

3) Do the candles get hot?

No, they do not get hot. They don’t look it, but the flame is cold to the touch.  They are therefore safe to use in any environment from tents to wedding marquees, thatched cottages to cathedrals.

4) How long do the batteries last?

For example, if you have either the 12” or the 6” pillar candle, if using rechargeable batteries, then you can have them on for 100 hours on the full brightness setting before having to recharge them or 300 hours on the lowest brightness setting.  In other words, if you put the candles on for 3 hours a day, every day, that’s 33 to 100 days of continuous use depending on your brightness setting.  Rechargeable batteries can typically be recharged 1,000 times. For further information, please go to the Key Features & Specs page and scroll down for the Battery Life charts.

5) Do I have to use rechargeable batteries or can I use non-rechargeable ones

The candles will take both types.  However, the candles are designed to last many years, therefore over time, it makes sense to use rechargeable ones from the start.

6) How long does a candle last?

We offer a 1 year no-quibble warranty on every candle, however, the LED light and electronic components should last for more than 10 years.

7) Do I need a remote control for each candle I have?

No, one remote can operate up to as many candles as you want. The remote works on infra-red and therefore is directional.  Just like the remote for your TV, you have to point it at the candles. It will turn a group of candles on together and the range of the infra-red is at least 10 metres.

8) Do I have to buy a remote control for my candle? Can I switch them on without a remote?

The pillar candle does need a remote control.  However, if you can’t find your remote control, the candle can be switched on by removing/disconnecting the base cap with a £1 coin and putting it back on again.  To switch it off you would have to loosen the base cap and take the batteries out.

The taper candle has an on/off switch at the base of the candle and therefore does not necessarily need a remote control.

However, without a remote control you can’t change the brightness or flicker rate settings or use the timer feature.  Also taking each of your taper candles out of your candelabra or candle sticks to switch on and off would be rather a faff!  Therefore, we strongly recommend getting a remote.

9) What if I lose my remote?

See 8) above about switching on and off your candle without a remote.  Otherwise you can buy another one from us for £6 incl. postage and packing.

10) What happens if I damage the candle?

Let’s split this into 2 areas.

Firstly the wax. Our LED wax candle is extremely robust, stronger than a traditional wax candle as it has a metal core. If dropped or thrown, it could chip some of the wax, just like a normal candle.  We offer a re-waxing service of £8 to £15 plus postage.

Secondly, the flame. Again, this part of the candle is robust and cannot break under normal use.  It would certainly take some force or repetitive twisting to break.  If the flame is snapped off, then I’m afraid it is not repairable.  The warranty covers the electronics and the flame operation, if these fail, then we will replace the candle within the warranty period.

11) Are the candles made from sustainable products?

Yes, the LED candle lifetime is equivalent to burning 7,000 traditional candles with a CO2 footprint a thousand times less.  The materials are 95% recyclable and conform to RoHS standards and regulations which stipulates no harmful materials can be used.

12) How long does it take to recharge the batteries?

Rechargeable batteries take approximately 4 hours to recharge if using our battery charger.  Our battery charger will stop charging once the batteries are recharged, hence if you accidently leave the batteries in a long time, it won’t damage the batteries.  The battery charger has a display showing how full the batteries are.

Please note some other battery chargers might take longer and might not have the automatic switching off function when charged.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please email us at